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We are active in our Community!

At Dealer Synergy, we believe in a great corporate citizenship. We look for ways to strengthen the neighborhoods where we do business and are responsive to needs of the community. We always lend a hand when and where it’s most needed.

We encourage our employees to donate their time, talent and effort in ways that benefit our community now and in future. We prioritize our giving back especially when it comes to our children and the aged. Our programs include enabling education, advocacy, support and strengthen our community.

Dealer Synergy folks are a giving group and feel volunteering is some of the most meaningful and rewarding work we do in the entire tri-sate area. We know actively engaged employees, loyal customers and empowered communities are a great formula for success.

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Dealer Synergy Diversity #1
Dealer Synergy Diversity #1
Dealer Synergy Diversity #1


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