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Are you looking for an opportunity to make as much money as you can EARN? Do you want to be a part of not only a winning team but a team that literally is a pioneer in a Multi Billion Dollar Industry? Does knowing that you help people “do more, be more and achieve more” make you feel good? Wouldn’t it be awesome if the people you worked with totally appreciate you and allowed you the opportunity to be creative, unique… yourself? Did we mention that you can make a TON OF MONEY?

If you answered “Yes” to some or all, then Dealer Synergy is absolutely the right place for you to take your career to a whole new level!


If you are working at a dealership currently and aren't making the money that you want, need or deserve, we invite you to look through our career page and apply to join our initiative


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Dealer Synergy is an award winning, Recruiting, Training, Consulting & Accountability Company. For over 16+ years, Dealer Synergy has served the Automotive Sales Industry proudly. We have trained 3,000 Roof Tops, 104,000 Automotive Sales Professionals, Managers and Dealer Principals. We have generated OVER $1 Billion Dollars in additional Revenue for our Clients.

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