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Dealer Synergy is Culturally Diverse!

At Dealer Synergy we personify “Synergy'', “Diversity”, “Creativity” and “Individuality”.

Dealer Synergy founder and president of Dealer Synergy. Sean V. Bradley, CSP, is the first generation from his family to be born in this country. His father is Belizean and his mother is ½ Honduran and ½ Sicilian.

Dealer Synergy is led by CEO, Karen Bradley, a Puerto Rican, Spanish, and Italian teenage mother that at one time was homeless.

Our vice president and partner in Dealer Synergy, LA Williams III, is a Jewish, blind, African American from North Philly.

The head of Dealer Synergy is Franca Vidal, a proud Mexican-Italian American.

Our amazing and elite team at Dealer Synergy, Bradley on Demand, Internet Sales 20 Group, Syntech, Bradley Property Management, ScarFood, and the other “Bradley” Corporations are filled with incredible diversity. From black, white, Hispanic, and Asian employees to Sean & Karen Bradley’s lesbian daughter. We welcome everyone, no matter of race, religion, sexual orientation, “disability”, or any other “exclusions”. As long as you are an integrity based, passionate and a kind professional with strong work ethics, you are welcome to be part of the team!

Dealer Synergy and our group of companies are Equal Opportunity Employers.

Just browse through the exciting opportunities below and apply for a career that you think fits your passion, interests, and skills.

Just browse through other opportunities that are exciting below and apply for a job that you think fits your passion.

Dealer Synergy Diversity #1
Dealer Synergy Diversity #1
Dealer Synergy Diversity #1


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Dealer Synergy is an award winning, Recruiting, Training, Consulting & Accountability Company. For over 16+ years, Dealer Synergy has served the Automotive Sales Industry proudly. We have trained 3,000 Roof Tops, 104,000 Automotive Sales Professionals, Managers and Dealer Principals. We have generated OVER $1 Billion Dollars in additional Revenue for our Clients.

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