Dealer Synergy Executive Team

Our Elite Executive Team Are Industry Experts

The Bradleys Are Automotive Sales Industry Elite. They are the PERFECT Team. They lead Dealer Synergy with passion, love, respect and pride.

LA Williams, Vice President of Dealer Synergy just made Partner in 2020! LA literally started from a “Front Line” position to 11 years later becoming an equity PARTNER in a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation! We are honored to have the “BLIND Phone Master” on our Executive Team.

Ananth Godavari, Chief Technology Officer of Dealer Synergy is an AMAZING IT Professional and Marketing Expert. Additionally, Ananth is a Full Partner (Owner) in on of the Bradley’s other companies.


Sean Bradley

Sean Bradley, CSP

President - Dealer Synergy
Karen Bradley

Karen Bradley

CEO - Dealer Synergy
L.A. Williams

L.A. Williams

Vice President - Dealer Synergy
L.A. Williams

Ananth G

CTO - Dealer Synergy

Our Founders

Sean V. Bradley, CSP


Karen M. Bradley

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Dealer Synergy is an award winning, Recruiting, Training, Consulting & Accountability Company. For over 16+ years, Dealer Synergy has served the Automotive Sales Industry proudly. We have trained 3,000 Roof Tops, 104,000 Automotive Sales Professionals, Managers and Dealer Principals. We have generated OVER $1 Billion Dollars in additional Revenue for our Clients.

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